Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems

The ATMS Warehouse Management System is a market leading, realistically priced, WMS used in over one hundred warehouses in the UK, Middle East and Far East.

As software authors we’re continually enhancing the system with feedback from our customers.  Our local project and support teams ensure that systems are successfully implemented and that benefits are maximised.  Deployments range from manufacturing, distribution, e-fulfillment and third party logistics.  Key features include:

  • Guided put away and automated task management to optimise the use of space and labour
  • Full control of expiry dates, country of origin and batch control including bill of entry tracking
  • Comprehensive third party billing module including storage, handling and value added services
  • Optimised pick and pack – ideal for eCommerce operations
  • Comprehensive management reporting, including dashboards
  • Inbuilt quality control module with full two-way traceability
  • Bar code, RFID and mobile terminal support
  • Proof of delivery module
  • Full integration with CargoWise 1 and Customs Track PLUS
  • Proven interfaces for SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Orion and many other ERP systems
  • Web portal for client and in-house use.  Full global track and trace capability

ATMS WMS is designed to meet the needs of companies who want to:

  • Improve stock accuracy, stock control and stock rotation
  • Reduce stock levels, reduce wastage, reduce damage and obsolescence
  • Reduce stock taking costs and associated downtime
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain total two way traceability and improved stock recall capability
  • Improve efficiency of operatives and machines
  • Improve costing of jobs and yield control
  • Reduce clerical work and associated errors
  • Provide faster, better information

ATMS WMS overview

  • Goods receipt – identification – putaway
  • Task management
  • Stock movement – quality control – stock taking
  • Load building
  • Pick face replenishment – bulk picking – order picking – complete traceability
  • Despatch control
  • Management information, productivity information


ATMS WMS in operation

Product can arrives at the warehouse in pallets, containers, loose cartons, packs etc etc.  Pallets can be of different sizes. The system can be used to control pallets, reels, cartons and individual items. Bin store control is provided for small items.  Full traceability, expiry date control and serialised tracking is provided.

Despatch can be whole pallets, re-built pallets, individual cartons and items. The warehouse can have racked and block stacked areas as well as bin stores. The system supports multiple warehouses. The system controls stock ownership throughout. Stock can be simply transferred from one owner to another, an operation that can be used with Third Party Logistics and for consignment stock.

ATMS WMS technical architecture

  • Full relational database, providing data integrity and the basis of powerful reporting
  • Roll forward recovery enabling complete recovery after a system crash
  • The ability to synchronise other servers, often geographically remote, giving the ultimate level of disaster prevention
  • Full Web browser facility
  • A stable base for any system resulting in greater reliability compared to many systems written in older languages
  • Ease of end-user menu and report generation
  • Multi platform support with no code changes including, Unix, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Windows NT, Windows 2000/3
  • Multi-lingual capability
  • Full end user reporting including ODBC and SQL based reporting (including Crystal Reports)
  • File import and export, gateways and/or links to Oracle, Informix, IBM AS/400, C-Isam, SQL, ODBC