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Charging Module


Charging Module

The Charging Module provides a comprehensive facility for the generation and tracking of charging data within virtually any warehouse operation but extensively applicable within Third Party operations.

  •  Visibility of transactions by owner or customer
  •  Multiple owners/organisation configurations
  •  Configurable charge periods including monthly, bi-weekly, weekly and daily
  •  Multiple charging categories which include RH&D, by pallet, CBM, location
  •  On screen views of storage and handling with drill down to pallet level
  •  Banded charge rates, eg reduced cost first week
  •  High Point calculations
  •  Ad hoc charges defined by users for value added services, e.g. kitting, re-packing, labelling
  •  Output can be sent to external business systems
  •  Non 3PL operations can use this module to assess the warehouse as a profit centre