Advanced Picking/Packing


Advanced Picking & Packing

This module allows users to pack or re-pack products after or during picking. This can be for building customer kits or for rationalisation into smaller cartons/bags/packs.

Products can be packed during the picking process or directed to packing benches where the user can select individual products to pack or consolidate. This is particularly useful where postage costs are significant or where the customer demands that products are packed in specific ways.

  • Pick by RDT or label
  • High efficiency and accuracy through built-in safe guards
  • Rules based to eliminate picking and packing errors
  • Wave pick for timed/scheduled despatches
  • Consolidated pick for multiple orders
  • Dynamic label production during picking/packing process
  • Tailored packing, to meet customer requirements
  • Shipping consolidation
  • Utilises a mix of technology (label and radio frequency) where emphasis on checking and product consolidation are required.
  • Allows integration to Carrier Based labelling systems to greater enhance efficiency and lower costs even further, by using Rate shopping