Event Manager


Event Manager / Scheduler & Advanced Perpetual Inventory Manager

Event Manager – uses a physical transaction as a trigger to generate tasks for a user created set of criteria. For example, this can be to send an email on a QC change, run a stock allocation, create replenishment tasks etc.

Scheduler – allows the creation and running of scheduled tasks which perform user-defined operations on specific dates, times and intervals. For example, to execute batch files, run reports etc.

Advanced PI – used for the generation and evaluation of stock count tasks. These work alongside the default PI tasks generated in the standard WMS.

  •  Automates tasks of many types including operational and administration
  •  Offers improved labour utilisation
  •  Batch or dynamic task creation
  •  User configurable events and responses, eg if X occurs then generate action Y
  •  Pro-active stock management
  •  Eliminate monthly, quarterly and annual stock takes
  •  Automate stock checks by location, product type, pick rates etc
  •  For Third Party warehouses this module provides the basis for generating charging data based on individual client configurations
  •  Monitors and creates alerts where events are outside of normal parameters


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