Goods Receipt


Goods Receipt

This operation:

  • Identifies product
  • Books product into stock
  • Allocates a location (if appropriate)
  • Allows for quality checks

The system then generates a unique identification label (birth certificate/tracking label) for the pallet, carton, container, dolly etc – unless the item has been suitably labelled by the supplier or within the production area


When pallets or items arrive at goods receipt bay they need to be identified. Stock Flow can do this in several ways – by reference to a purchase order, by reference to a production/value added services order or by direct entry of the product code. If the product is bar coded then the scanner facility can be used.

The ‘birth certificate’ label carries a ‘licence plate’ bar code. This bar code contains a unique serial number against which the system holds all pallet or item details together with the ongoing history of the pallet or item.

The system can hold information against this product code such as pallet type(s), standard pallet quantity, sell by/best before calculation, quality control requirements (e.g. positive release).


The label can also contain human readable information such as the product code, product description, batch code, production line or supplier, date of manufacture, quality details, week number, put away location. The label can also include bar code details required by the company’s customers including GS1-128 standard bar code details. Labels can be pre-produced if necessary, for instance against advanced ship note information or against production plans.

The system is RF-ID (radio tag) ready and conforms to the latest EPC standards for RF-ID.