Management Reporting


Management Reporting

ATMS works with its customers to ensure that a full suite of management and operational reports are provided. Reports can be on screen, printed or file based.

We ensure that reports are concise, relevant and accurate.

Reports typically include:

  •  Goods receipt by product / batch / order / production line
  •  Stock by location
  •  Stock summary by product
  •  Stock age analysis stock at risk analysis (e.g. near sell by date)
  •  Scrapped product report
  •  Held stock summary
  •  Traceability report
  •  Despatch by product / batch / order
  •  Warehouse utilisation report
  •  Warehouse movements report

In addition a range of end user report writing tools including Crystal Reports are available to allow system users to generate their own reports.

The system has an in-built browser which allows users to configure the way data is presented to meet their own needs. Profiles can be stored against the user ID. Columns of information can be resized and re-ordered, in a similar way to Microsoft Excel or Outlook. Information can be filtered and sorted. The user can also create specific browses and drill-downs of information.