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Automate, execute and optimise your freight operations

Cen Global are Platinum Partners of CargoWise: the world’s leading system for freight forwarders and logistics providers

CenGlobal and CargoWise

CenGlobal has a strong working relationship with CargoWise.   By utilising that relationship, we are confident we can help you get the very best from from your freight operations.

CargoWise from WiseTech is the world’s leading system for freight forwarders and logistics providers – and they have more than 180,000 users amongst thousands of global clients.

The system will help you execute complex logistics transactions and manage your freight operations from a single, easy to use platform.

As we work very closely with CargoWise – our friendly customer service team can help you set up, configure, and customise CargoWise in the most effective way to suit your unique business needs. 

This will not only improve overall operational performance levels, but also help you standardise your business rules and processes, together with maximising your productivity.

CargoWise incorporates all the key elements you will need – freight management, CRM, accounts, track & trace, workflow optimisation, warehouse management and customs management.

Working with CargoWise we can help you unlock the world’s supply chains with deeply integrated freight forwarding capabilities.  You will be able to automate and optimise your forwarding operations, from capacity planning and rate management, to vessel booking and list-mile trucking. 

And all this is controlled in one very powerful software system.  


Pay as you use

Utilising all the many benefits of this award-winning system will not hurt your cashflow - No capital outlay is needed for the system. You simply pay for it as you use it

Track and trace

CargoWise has an inbuilt customer web portal – providing track and trace ‘out of the box’

e2e Messaging

With CargoWise’s e2e messaging you can link to freight forwarders at the click of a button – sharing information and eliminating the re-keying of data.

Tax compliance

CargoWise is fully compliant with VAT in the GCC, UK, Europe and the rest of the World. CargoWise solutions help you to operate globally, providing trade compliance that improves customs, tax, denied persons screening and advanced shipment information

Used by 180k+ businesses

CargoWise is used by 180,000+ businesses around the globe to drive efficiency and reduce costs

Order management

CargoWise’s Order Manager provides a ‘control tower’ view of the supply chain: from manufacturer, through to exporter, logistics provider, customs, importer and local transport

Why choose Cen Global as your CargoWise partner

As a Platinum Service Partner with eight CargoWise Certified Practitioners and a further twelve team members with extensive CargoWise experience we are here to  provide training, consultancy and integration services, both on and off site, anywhere in the world. 

We have a highly experienced hands on team that can help you analyse and optimise your business processes.

We can help you set up, configure and customise CargoWise in the most productive way, helping you to optimise and standardise your business rules and processes in order to maximise productivity

CargoWise has an advanced workflow engine and a highly flexible registry – both of which we can help you with. 

We also have extensive CargoWise PAVE (Productivity and Visualisation Engine) experience for finite capacity scheduling of operations.

We provide full interface design and development services to link CargoWise to your third party partners and systems.  Our interface design capabilities are proven and significant – and include XML ( including Universal / Shipment / Event XML), JSON and ediFact (UN / GS1/ X12 /VDA). 

CenGlobal are also experts in using the CargoWise eAdaptor interfacing engine – and can design and develop integration services to suit any requirements you may have.

This includes financial control systems, customs systems, port and airport systems, 3rd party logistics providers, transport management systems, courier systems, proof of delivery systems, track and trace systems, ERP systems and much more.

We have extensive SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage integration experience having developed over 120 integrations to date.  

We can also provide you with a business intelligence and report development service, including Doc Builder and Report Writer.  In addition, we have experience with complex SQL based reports – and our extensive HTML and HTML5 development capabilities are readily available, along with help you with logos and personalisation.

Furthermore, as a Platinum CargoWise Service Partner, CenGlobal provides top-quality training, consultancy and integration services, both on and off-site, all over the World.

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