Reduce transport costs and improve safety with our Vehicle Tracking, Online Mobile CCTV & Telematics

Our cloud based tracking and telematics platform is designed to provide a cost effective and practical solution to reduce costs and improve safety, productivity and customer service.

Our open platform supports a range of telematics ‘black boxes’ as well as our mobile CCTV systems. Full tablet, Android and Iphone support is available.

Our system can monitor the following: 

  • Fuel usage and economy
  • Driver behaviour
  • Engine temperature
  • Oil and coolant levels
  • Battery status

Full CanBus support is available, as is automatic tacho downloads and driver identification.

Vehicles can be equipped with multiple cameras for further security and monitoring. Lane departure (ADAS) and driver fatigue (DSM) cameras are also available

Our expertise encompasses buses, coaches, delivery vehicles, rescue vehicles, fork lift trucks, dock side equipment and airport ground handling equipment

WiFi streaming and auto download is also available

Video is recorded along with GPS location, speed, alarm events, door openings and g-force /shocks

The system can automatically trigger alerts in the central control room based on alarm and geo-fence rules

Our systems can help in attaining FORS compliance, as well as DVS, CLOCS, SKANSKA, Cross Rail and HS2

For further details please also visit our specialist division