Proof of Delivery (POD)


Proof of Delivery

The POD Module provides a comprehensive facility for monitoring all deliveries once they have left the warehouse.

  •  Confirm status of successful deliveries with details of signatory, reason codes and optional notes.
  •  Confirm claused (refused/not delivered) deliveries with reason codes and optional notes for items brought back to the warehouse.
  •  Colour coding for instant view of delivery status showing ‘open’. ‘delivered’ and ‘claused’ deliveries.
  •  The status of POD lines can be displayed at load, drop, sales order, and item level.
  •  Filter on date, load code, vehicle and order reference.
  •  Accurate information for customer reporting including KPI’s.
  •  Timely information about the status of all deliveries.
  •  Free-text notes to allow additional information to be entered such as late delivery or new contact.
  •  Maintains traceability from load through order down to individual item level.
  •  Full historical data retained.