The put-away process:

  • Provides the optimum put away location using the rules/preferences configured by the user
  • Verifies that the product has been correctly put away

The pallet put away location can be controlled by the system or by the operator. This alternative can be specified for each product code, product group, pallet build, pallet type or each location type.

The system can ‘cross dock’ received product directly to the despatch area if it is required for an order/ load. The system can provide multi-stage put away operations including, for instance, the control of pick up and deposit (p &d) locations in a narrow aisle warehouse.

Stock Flow has powerful in-built rules. Many rules can be set up and fine tuned by the warehouse system supervisor including:

  • ‘must’ rules – e.g. a product belonging to product group XYZ must be stored in the cold storage section of the warehouse
  • ‘must not’ rules – e.g. liquid product must not be stored above solid product
  • capacity rules – a product can only be placed where there is physical capacity (length, width, height, weight)

ATMS WMS then goes one stage further by providing preferences. Preferences establish the optimum location within the warehouse, which meets the above rules. The warehouse system supervisor can put a 1 to 99 priority rating against each preference.

Preference might be:

  • Product groups deemed as fast moving should preferably be located at the front of the warehouse
  • Product requiring a pick location should preferably be located above the pick location
  • Pallets of a particular build type should preferably be located in certain locations

Once the system has calculated the best location the operator will be required to confirm the location. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Scanning the location bar code with a bar code scanner linked to a portable terminal or radio data terminal
  • Keying in a location check digit into a portable data terminal or radio data terminal
  • Recording the check digit on a peel off/tear off pallet bar code which will be subsequently entered into a computer terminal

All transactions are time and date stamped against the user ID, for traceability, auditability and productivity analysis purposes.

The system allows locations to be frozen by an authorised user. This is useful when an area is unable to be used.


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