Remote Labelling Module


Remote Labelling Module

ATMS GlobalTrack is the supply chain visibility solution that dovetails with ATMS WMS.

  • The system links customers in the UK and elsewhere, typically with suppliers and logistics providers in the Far East and Eastern Europe across the Internet.
  • Suppliers have full visibility of production orders and call off requirements.
  • The system can also be used to confirm carton dimensions (cube) and weight; conformance checks such as pack size, quality measurements etc can also be carried out and verified.
  • The system can provide full traceability information and control over shelf life; expiry dates and best before information can be recoded.
  • Full use is made of the GS1 global standards for labelling and identification.
  • The system is proving to have benefits in terms of improved visibility of production and shipments, improved traceability, reduction in grey market/ counterfeit issues, reduced labour, improved accuracy, reduced errors.
  • The system is of course fully multilingual.


This module enables suppliers and remote locations to print labels, based on a pre-advice.

These are the standard Expected Receipts created by the business systems generation of a Purchase Order, and authorise the warehouse systems to have a quantity of Product received by the warehouse. In this module they are also used as the authorisation and source data to en-able the printing of a standard item label.

During the print process the source data is supplemented by the suppliers own data which can include Customs and also Shipment / Consignment information