Yard/Dock Manager


Yard / Dock Manager

A module designed to extend beyond the areas immediately outside the traditional boundary of the warehouse, the Yard/Dock Manager will control the flow of traffic on site and maximise the use of loading bays.

  • Fully integrates to booking diary
  • Plan inbound/outbound vehicle/bays/loads
  • Link to shipping advice (ASNs)
  • Controls the allocation of vehicles to loading bays with ticket generation
  • Allocate waiting vehicles to parking areas
  • Instruct vehicle to move to loading bay
  • Track arrival/departure of vehicles on/off site
  • Comprehensive vehicle/load/order history with drill down
  • RDT functionality including container open and close
  • Drag and drop graphics
  • Detachable drive units and trailers
  • Real time updates of yard status
  • Consolidated information across multiple systems
  • Works in conjunction with Event Manager