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Are Freight Forwarders Ready For The Post-Covid World?

There’s no denying that Coronavirus has changed the world we live in. As businesses reopen and trade starts to return, it can be easy to think that soon this nightmare will be behind us and we can go back to how things were before.

But that’s never going to happen. The scars of the Covid pandemic will always remain and these lockdowns will have shaped our world forever.

Never before did we have to consider disbanding the office and working from home. Never did we worry about how we’d run quotes, track consignments or handle shipments with half the world’s employees on furlough.

This new, post-pandemic world brings lots of things we took for granted into question.

The Future Is Digital

Some freight forwarders are taking positive steps to protect themselves and prepare their businesses for the future – whatever it may bring.

Millennium Cargo, a UK based freight forwarder, has taken this situation as a sign that it’s time to take the leap into digital forwarding by moving their systems over to CargoWise, and has hired CEN Global, one of the world’s leading providers of systems for logistics and transport, to implement the change.

Steve Cross, Managing Director at Cen Global said;

“With all the uncertainty, change and economic challenges in the world – now is the time to get ready for the future. It’s not only Covid that’s going the shape the world of freight over the coming decades, but Brexit is going to cause a real shake-up too.

Becoming a digital forwarder can give you the insights, systems and processes you need to be able to seamlessly deliver your service, whatever the future brings. As CargoWise is a cloud-based software, you and your team can process, manage and track cargo, from anywhere – whether that’s in the office post-Brexit or at home in a lockdown!”

There’s no denying that the future is digital. The exponential rate at which technology develops will only continue to rise and with it, people’s expectations of instant information and exceptional service will continue to increase too.

As a freight forwarder, there’s only one option – you can go digital or you can get left behind. Cen Global is one of the leading providers of systems for logistics and transport, to find out more about how they can help you to prepare for the future and become a digital forwarder then visit


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