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Freight Forwarders Prepare For Brexit With Proaction & Positivity

This year’s news has been dominated by Covid-19, with Brexit taking a back seat. But as time slips by, the end of the Brexit transition will soon be upon us. While Brexit brings freight forwarders the potential for a paperwork nightmare, many of the world’s top forwarders are looking to the future with a positive approach.


From 1st January 2021, all goods imported or exported from the EU will need full declarations – just like goods from the rest of the world. If we’re lucky we might be offered a 6 month period, in which the rules are relaxed with smaller declarations required, but nonetheless, it won’t be long before every package or container moving into or out of the UK needs a complete and full declaration. 


Many forwarders are seeing this as a great opportunity. Completing full declarations and checking all the customs boxes is a service that can be charged for, adding to the turnover of the business and boosting that bottom line. But it’s essential to have the right processes and systems in place, or it may be a heavy drain on staff time and could end up costing forwarders rather than making them money. 


Steve Cross, Managing Director at Cen Global said; 


“I think many forwarders are now realising the importance of properly preparing for Brexit. If you don’t have the right software in place, checking all the boxes for customs clearance post-Brexit is going to be time-consuming. But with the right systems, processes and specialist freight software this can be automated and turned into a really positive opportunity. 


At CEN Global we help forwarders to automate processes just like these to make them quicker, easier – and therefore more profitable. We have a range of solutions, including Cargowise and our own custom-built applications which automate workflows, collect data in realtime and complete the necessary validations, it can even accommodate challenges such as the Northern Ireland Protocol too.”


Digital forwarding was always going to be the future, but Brexit just makes it all the more necessary to get software in place to make sure you can keep moving goods smoothly when the transition period ends. When the clock strikes twelve and we finally close the door on what has certainly been the most challenging year this century, you’ve got the potential to turn it all around and make 2021 your best year yet. 


CEN Global is one of the world market leaders in software solutions for the freight industry. With over 35 years in transport and logistics software solutions and several years of successfully providing complete customs management solutions in the Middle East, they’ve got the experience and resources to make moving goods post-Brexit easy. To find out more about them visit www.cenglobal.com


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